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A Short Introduction

From an early age I have been interested in Natural Remedies and Spirituality, but life took me on a different path.

My path to enlightenment has certainly not been a boring one. I was born in the UK to Italian parents. At the age of 4, they decided to move back to Italy, where I grew up attended my education. I was painfully shy and struggled a lot along the way. There were many things I felt, heard and did, that I never talked about, not even to my parents, because some of it I didn't understand and others thing I felt was normal, like lucidly Astro Projecting out of my body, whilst playing with my friends.

I never felt I truly belonged in Italy or anywhere for that matter. I used to feel really detached from the world around me. It felt as if I was living in a movie, I would see the world going by with the eyes of an observer. Many years later, I learnt that I wasn't alone experiencing what I did. My life's journey wanted me to go into a different direction and when I turned 18, I wanted to move back to England and as faith would have it,  my parents and two brothers agreed it was time for a change.


I  learned many different skills from I.T.  and web-designing to underwriting and management. I became a carer and a Residential Estate Manager for the elderly. I also created and run my own Italian Trattoria with my husband, I could go on ...

​​It was in 2012, when I arrived to my destination and it was time to follow my passion and interests, so I began researching and studying alternative medicine. I finally arrived, but I needed all of the skills and lessons I learnt on the way.

I love what I do. For me is not a job, is a way of life and I am constantly researching new and old forms of Holistic Therapies in order to amplify my gift and attune the different ways I can help others to feel a happier and lead a more balanced and relaxed life.

My life purpose is to help others to get well and back on track using the forgotten knowledge and our natural self-healing, rather then reaching for a bottle of pain killers or other medications, which are detrimental to our system.

All Natural Holistic Therapies have tremendous benefit on the psychological state including the Mind, Body and Soul.

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