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To Your Journey Of Discovery

In these times of uncertainty and confusion we all need some support and understanding to make sense of the madness.

This is my aim, to Connect the Mind, Body and Spirit connecting everything physical and anchored to this 3d Matrix, connecting the dots and showing the path of truths for then transcending to 5d, into the Spiritual. 

Things have been shifting and raising in vibration since 2012 at rocket speed. We have been slowly moving into a 5th Dimensional Density and Vibration and because of this, new healing energies are required to help and support humanity.

There are so many veils creating our world and everything is connected. The Awakening simply means "Remembering Who You Are" in order to reclaim our power and sovereignty and my role in order to serve the Awakening, is to try to relate and reach out to humanity on different levels. Some will only respond to Material Truths, others to Spiritual or Out Worldly Truths, some to all. 

My role is to act as a bridge between the seen and the unseen, to expand minds and transmute blockages, traumas as a Spiritual Healer and by doing so, raise your frequency, so that you can become the best version of yourself, manifest all that you desire and be the guiding light assisting your Growth of Consciousness. 

This is what my name stands for ... Lucia = Graceful Light

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