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From an early age I have been interested in Natural Remedies and Spirituality, but life took me on a different path.

My path to enlightenment has certainly not been a boring one. I was born in the UK to Italian parents. At the age of 4, they decided to move back to Italy, where I grew up attended my education. I was painfully shy and struggled a lot along the way. There were many things I felt, heard and did, that I never talked about, not even to my parents, because some of it I didn't understand and others thing I felt was normal, like lucidly Astro Projecting out of my body, whilst playing with my friends.

To Your Journey Of Discovery

Who Is Graceful Light


I never felt I truly belonged in Italy or anywhere for that matter. I used to feel really detached from the world around me. It felt as if I was living in a movie, I would see the world going by with the eyes of an observer. Many years later, I learnt that I wasn't alone experiencing what I did.

As faith would have it, when I turned 18, my desire to moved back to England, was also welcomed by my parents and two brothers. In my heart I knew my guides were pulling me to make a change. My lessons in Italy were done and my path of enlightenment awaited for me across the waters in the land of my conception. 

​​Here I could finally be free and felt more comfortable in my own skin. My journey took me down many paths and I gained many skills and knowledge in so many different fields, but it was the end of  2012, when I finally followed my heart and reconnected to my childhood experiences. So I began researching and studying many subjects including alternative medicine. I was finally back on my path and I know that all that I have been through, the skills and lessons I have picked up along the way, were part of my journey and growth which I then used to create and launch my holistic and healing business, which for me is a way of life and not a job.

It's needless to say, that I am constantly growing and expanding via research into the old and new but also meeting people from all walks of life, interests and understandings. Because I care so much, I can often be led down undesirable or challenging paths, however, these are situations where we grow the most and learn the best lessons which in turn will help others. My guides and angels tell me that experiencing these lessons for myself, I then serve as an example and as a teacher to others, so that I can help guide them or save them from going through certain things themselves.


This pattern is linked to my Starseed Being and Gifts. One of them is Entanglement which means in order to help and heal others out of their energetic entanglements due to their karmatic and ancestral patterns or current life choices, I must experience certain things for myself or take on certain roles myself, so others don't have to, as I have the strength, innerstanding and ability to transmute the energy and heal from it easily, where someone else would be damaged from it. I have been doing this for millennia and I have been present at many crucial points in time and some of them are truly fascinating. For instance, in one lifetime, I was a Priestess in Atlantis during the end of their civilization in another I was witness to the end of Ragnarock, hence why I have a soft spot for Thor, he was my buddy. I know it sounds fantastical, but it's my truth. I was present to many ends over the millennia, and that is because it is my role to heal entanglement and every lesson and experience I have gone through, my higher self, reports it back to my people, so that they can learn and grow.

I have learnt over the past 3 years, that I have faced many challenges in past lives and also current due to my nature. I have been loved, respected, feared but I have also been persecuted, controlled and used for their nefarious agendas. I have been manipulated and suppressed via attachments, psychic/energetic attacks and implants so that I would not become who I am today and do what I do to serve the collective consciousness and with my many brothers and sisters raise the vibration and frequency of the Earth and humanity so that we can tip the scales in favour of the Light as we have allowed the Dark to rule with an iron fist for far too long. It is time to re-establish the balance of the Ying and Yang. ,Dark and Light are both needed and normally coexist harmoniously. These two extremes when in a balanced state, work with one another to facilitate growth, however, if one of them overpowers the other, the outcome is not a positive one. Even too much light can be detrimental therefore BALANCE is necessary.

My life purpose is to help others to heal, remember and reconnect with their true selves and by being a bridge between the 3D Material World and the 5D Spiritual World by uniting the Mind, Body and Spirit and looking through the Spiritual Veil behind the everyday Earth Matrix manifestations. My mission is to reach out and help through as many being as possible creating a galactic ripple effect of awakening.

With Love, Dignity, Compassion and Gratitude Always

Lucia - Graceful Light

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