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Healing With Graceful Light

Your Journey Begins Within

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Galactic Energy Healing

"This new form of energy is helping to revolutionize healing on this planet.
Galactic Energy Healing works with the body in many different ways.
It works with the Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions."

What is Galactic Healing ?

Galactic Energy Healing (GEH) is about healing, balancing and perfecting of the body, mind, soul and emotions. There are several different forms of healing energies on the Earth at this time, and new modalities are constantly being channeled as we move up in frequencies and vibrations. GEC, was given to us from outside of this realm. It originates in the Galaxy and Universe.

Many are not really open to the idea of other life forms in our Galaxy, let alone there are many of us who work and interact with them. So ask you be open minded here, however, if this section spiked your interest or curiosity, it means you are half way there.


Galactic Energy Healing was brought to us after the Galactics realized how well some healing symbols worked better on humans then others. There are many colonies in our Universe, where those who ask, are brought to. Colony six with Girk Fit Niir, is a healing colony. Many people from Earth and other places go there to perform and receive healing.

Here they discovered that when healing humans, that certain galactic symbols and energies worked well on the body, psyche and emotion she, whilst others didn't work at all. y also learned that there were some symbols that did not work with mankind at all, so they decided to bring those power symbols together in order to help humanity on Earth as these higher frequency energy symbols worked better compared to the current energies used. 


Tekkrr, who is a Lyrian commader, took it upon herself to gather the information about the particular symbols and brought  them in front to the Arcturian Council for approval. It took the Arcturian Council some time before approving these new healing modality as they wanted to make sure how they truly worked and that they caused no harm or disruption to humans. Eventually they were satisfied and gave Tekkrr their blessings to give and teach this new modality to the human race. 


How does Galactic Energy Healing work

Galactic Energy Healing works on the Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions. 

The base of any Energy Healing modality on Earth, is very similar no matter if it is Reiki, Pellowah, Shamballa Reiki, Angelic Reiki or any other form. What makes the difference is the frequency that is being channeled.  and the symbols used. Symbols are used to amplify the energy channeled and purpose.


The symbols and energies of Galactic Energy Healing are much simpler, and much more powerful and can be used in conjunction with other modalities, however, the Galactics have found that the GEH symbols are easier to use and manipulate the energy much more efficiently.

Because of the fluidity of this modality, those of us who are trained in Reiki or other healing modality can indeed mix and match the symbols with GEH and can indeed drop symbols that we no longer resonate with which are Earth bound and use the GEH higher vibrational symbol instead.  It is important to work with what resonates with the healer and client.


Unlike Reiki, there are no hands positions with this modality, but the symbols require positioning depending on how the healer works and the client. 

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