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2020 The Unveiling

2020 The year of balance, restoration, love, justice, healing and unity. It may look all doom and gloom right now, especially with more nonsensicle restrictions and guidelines, buts there's a very good reason why the world in turmoil and it isn't because of a virus and fake pandemic.

There is a virus and that is the Satanic cults at the core of our our world. The REAL pandemic is Human Trafficking that goes on right under our noses. All the lies, corruption, austerity, suffering, is coming to an end. Justice is right around the corner. Source Creator, God, however you call him, has had enough, he gave many chances for redemption, invane, so it's time to restore the balance.

There is a war going on in the spiritual realm and right above us, but there is also a physical war going on among the ruling powers. However the ligh has won, is only a matter of time.

Many of us are also rising in vibration, we are moving onto the New Earth, and the Great Conjunction on the 21st December, is enabling all to be possible; the shift into the Awakening, bringing in Justice, lifting the veil for those who cannot see and hushering us into a Brand New World of Love, Peace and Unity.

This is a video, I only just managed to finish editing (18 Dec), but the narrative is something I wrote back on the 8th August 2020, so I shall backdate it. I always allow my Spirit Team to guide me with what I channel in my writing, when and what to post. If I am releasing this now, it probably has to do with timing, meaning, someone probably needs to hear it now, and if it was released in August, it would have been lost among the many other posts and not had the same impact. This is what I am hearing.

I hope you enjoy listening to it and feel empowered by knowing all is going to be OK and this year is simply a process leading to greater and better things.

Much Love and Blessings to you and yours

Lucia - Graceful Light 🙌👼💖

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