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Always Radiate Love

What a wonderful reminder. These are exactly the energies I am feeling today. In a world so divided with so many levels of differences, we must remember to send ripples of love throughout the cosmos. There is no separation, no light or dark, we are the Ying and the Yang, we are all part of the one Unity Consciousness, we complete each other, but in this 3D Material Construct, we must restore the balance within the two as we've allowed the dark side to manifest in greater force. This is what is happening right now, the light is fighting to restore the Collective Unity Balance. But we must remember to always use heart whilst doing so, as at a deeper level, at the soul level, we are not separate and each and everyone of us has made a contract to play a role and I for one I am grateful that someone else has chosen to play the bad guy in this incarnation at this moment in time, as it's the worst position to be in. Whilst I work on the 3D to raise awareness and help others to unplug and wake up to their true essence, I also operate at a 5D level of consciousness, which makes it really hard some times to be in this world, and I too struggle daily with finding the balance with the 2. My role is to create a bridge in the 4th Dimension to facilitate the transition and help to heal World and the people. Everything I do, is with Love, Empathy, Compassion and Forgiveness. So remember, always send out love no matter what and no matter who. Because love truly is the key and it ripples through every single atom of your being and existence. It raises the frequencies and vibrations and affects the entire universe.

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