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I've personally been struggling to integrate since the 20th, however, by the time I reach the full moon I am always uplifted and with the full lunar eclipse I felt quite giddy indeed 😂 The energies swirling yesterday were amazing.

For those who don't know what is going on or don't believe in anything spiritual, will be having a hard time feeling angry, dizzy, unbalanced, just not right and are unaware of the importance of grounding and rest.

What is happening is not just spiritual but it's Quantum Science. These energies coming in are frequencies and vibrations affecting our DNA, it's AWAKENING it bringing remembrance of who we are and as we integrated with our truth and raise our consciousness and vibrations, collectively we are raising the same across this Earth PLANE and are serving those who are still in slumber under the deep programming.

These integrations are the reason why many are waking up to the truth, why many are starting to question, why many feel something is NOT right. And as the collectively rises, our light shines Brighter and Stronger, which is why so much is unravelling and coming up to the surface and it's only the beginning.

Exiting times ahead. Please know, that with all the doom and gloom we're seeing, there truly is light at the end of the tunnel and all will resolve itself better then you could ever immagine.

When you shift your focus and set your intent of positive thoughts and feelings, the reality around you changes and you're shielded from the crazy.

When I speak of what is going on, "conspiracies" or current affairs, is only to serve those in the 3D mindset, as each of us is on a different journey, on a different step of the ladder and if you don't understand the three dimensionality of this Matrix, how can you understand the higher realms, especially when humanity has been disconnected from spirit and the unseen by design !

But this is coming to an end, the Spiritual Awakening is afoot and nothing can stop it, no amount of evil and manipulation can hold humanity back any longer.

FEAR is the tool they use to trigger the programming and FEAR is what controls the narrative. LET GO OF FEARS, OPEN YOUR HEARTS AND YOUR MINDS AND EYES BEGING TO SEE AND FEEL THE TRUTH. When you no longer live in fear, you raise your vibrations and you allow the collective to rise you up higher and your realities beging to change, nothing can harm you, not even shedding/transmission.

Don't let fear, manipulation of ANY kind divide you. We are here to be of service, and when you live your life based on YOUR TRUE SELF, you're untouchable and NOTHING can penetrate your Armour of Light.

Be Blissful - From My Heart To Yours

Lucia - Graceful Light 🙌👼💖

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