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These past few days, I've been experiencing some really strong transformational energies coming in, to the point I was knocked out for 20 hours on Monday the 8th. I was going to post this at an earlier date, but my guides keep pushing me onto other important things and it feels like they are allowing me 10 minutes of respite. Oh boy, 2020, there has been so much going on for sure, and whilst a lot of it has felt like doom and gloom, believe me when I say in the end it will all be worth it. Because without change, without breaking down the old systems, without bringing to the light all that's nefarious, good things cannot happen.  And I know for a fact that many of us lightworkers, wayshowers and of course Starseeds are super excited, because we know what's coming, even though so many still don't see it or believe it. So let's bring together the 3 worlds the physical, the spiritual and the astrological. Over the years many have been talking,  prophesizing, speculating about this very moment in time. We have called it the Awakening, but it has also been known as the Acention, Day Of Reckoning, the End of Days, Armageddon, the Rapture. December 2020 is a very special month on all levels and it is going to mark the beginning of the end. What do I mean ? It's the end of a cycle for starters and the final battle between good and evil. Many no longer believe in the spiritual, the unseen thanks to the very ones, who don't want to be known and are manipulating us. Ok, you need to listen closely, because this is affecting us and the planet on every level. There is so much going on in December, many rituals are happening right now, and today, the 14th December, we have a Total Solar Eclipse, said to signify the "RETURN TO LIGHT" . The Solar Eclipse opens a portal to a brand new beginning allowing streams of high frequency energies to reach the planet.  The Solar Eclipse, is followed by the Great Conjunction on the 21st December 2020 which will amplify this portal energy. Normally this conjuction would happen every 20 years, and entails Jupiter and Saturn aligning in earth signs. The 2020 great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn will be the closest since 1623 and the closest observable since 1226! These 2 planets will align at zero degrees of Aquarius, meaning they will overlap each other  and look as a large bright star,  this represents infinite potential and holds the energy of limitless possibilities, it means a new beginning, a shift, and ending of the old into the new. As a collective consciousness, we are shifting into a higher dimension of love, peace and equality. Source Creator has manifested a New Earth where we will be free from the evil control system we've had up till now. We surely can all see the changes. All forms of corruption are coming up to the surface as the light is shone upon it. Everything is up in the air, or so it seems, there's a lot of unrest, anger, frustration and foremost FEAR on one side, but there's a side filled with love, hope, prayers and excitement as we know that from that from chaos, order will come but for the better. Many don't believe that what is happening is not a Pandemic and that what is happening is much more than a virus. Many don't see beyond the surface, because they simoly are content with the illusion of truth that they see. Let's think about this, the last time Jupiter and Saturn aligned was in the year 2000. Do you all remember what was the big scare back then ? The MILLENNIUM BUG 🐛 🐞 There was such a build up to, a lot of fear around it, then .... nothing. Do you know why? Because what was planned was pushed back, once again. Then we had 2012, the Mayan Calendar "the end of the world" scare, .... again nothing major as the plans were pushed back, once again. What we are going through now, is NOTHING NEW and yes it has been planned for many decades. Maybe this Great Conjunction is their hope of winning, because they are intending to harness it's power in probably the greatest sacrifice of them all, allowing the portal to  open for the Anti Christ to come through. Yes, I know it sounds all crazy, fanatical to you, but when you understand that cults are running the world and that Satan is the god of this world which they worship, it doesn't make it far fetched even to the non believers. It doesn't matter if you believe it, because they do and that should be enough to send shivers down your spine. The good thing is that when there is evil there is also good and those working behind the scenes, knew about this and have been working tirelessly to infiltrate, track and hijack their plans of enslavement.  And here is when we come back to the physical. This Pandemic, which was already previously attempted, was created to take away our rights and freedoms and to get us to comply with the dark agenda. It is clear that things are not so bad, but few believe it to be and will take the vaccine. The question is, what is in it, and why does it need to be stored between -80⁰ and -60⁰? Cryogenics comes to mind. Something 'alive' needs to be keptbin a suspended state and once thawed it must be introduced into the host or it will die. Scary, sci-fi, I am crazy ? If you only knew the technology that already exists. Do you think the crazy, evil Nazi experiments ended with WW2? Nope, they moved them the USA under Project Paperclip 📎, come one, you surely know this, is actually history. Anyways, what if this is NOT just about culling, what if it is about control ? I mean, we have been saying this for a long time. They could easilynsend a signal to activate people to rurn onto each other to create further chaos and fear and of course it will lower the population. My god, they have the technology to affect certain DNAs, at will, THINK, remember the Act I've posted in regards to Allowing the collection and storage of DNA and Fingerprints? Now think about mass testing and why only certainly people in 'Chi A Na' would drop dead on the spot. Nothing is a coincidence but everything will get debunked as Conspiracy. But sadly for them, they don't realize how many are no longer buying into it. They never counted on so many to be AWAKE and they certainly never counted on so many survivors and Whistle-Blowers to speak up and BE BELIEVED. It's checkmate time, this is not the end as it has been portraid, is only the end of a cycle, the last stand of good and evil, the lifting of the veils where humanity will get to see the REAL truth and will stand up and fight for their rights and freedom but more importantly for THEIR SOULS. Satan will NEVER own our souls, because it's not for sale. You cannot give away what is from the main creator and part of the creator.  Satan is the master lier and he can only control you in his world if you give away your free will for riches and power in this world and in this body. I call it free will, because you consciously agree to sell your soul, however, you cannot sell something that is not yours to sell, therefore, you're simply giving him and his demons  power over you.  This is why spiritually is being erased, this is why Satanist mock God and Yahweh with their rituals. This is a battle as old as time based on jelousy and power and hatred of God, therefore, everything they do is to erase him and they turn everyone against him. Satan uses material power, like money and fame to be worshipped and makes you believe that your soul is nothing. If so, why does he desperately want it ? Because your soul is YOUR power and extention of God and if you realised it, you would all turn onto him and he will cease to exist.  Satan uses FEAR to control you a low energy frequency, God uses LOVE and there is no higher energy frequency than that. This is why we all say, ALWAYS USE HEART, ALWAYS SEND LOVE AS IS THE STRONGEST WEAPON TO DEFEAT YOUR ENEMY. Evil resides very low in the depth of the abyss, it doesn't know, understand or has ever felt love. Love is so high frequency that when expressed  in large amounts it can litetally extinguish evil. So humanity, blast out your love bombs, let's raise the frequencies even higher and let's bring this world into 5D and on a 3D level, let's end this world of terror, pain and suffering and let's send them all to GITMO 🙂

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