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Drain The Swap: The Italian Scandal and Election Fraud


China bought influence with Italy through illegal backdoor commissions worth over 72 million euros under the guise of 1.25 billion euro mega deal. The deal from March of 2020 gained them influence to 10 Leonardo SPA managers who are now currently under investigation.

On January 12th, 2021, ten Leonardo SPA employees were placed under investigation by the Italian government on suspicion of corruption.

As stated in the previous article, there are 14 suspects total under investigation. This is a link to the other 4 individuals, (in addition to the 10 at Leonardo SPA who currently under investigation).

Of the additional 4 under investigation is Mario Benotti. He is the primary contact who brokered a 1.25 billion euro mega deal for masks with Italian gov't officials in charge of the COVID-19 crisis.

At the time of the deal Italy couldn't find any masks.

Benotti had a backdoor agreement with China setup for 71 million euros.

After the Chinese received the 1.25 billion from Italy, they turned around and funneled 72 million back into Benotti's company > Microproducts. (Link to article further down).

On November 3rd, (of all dates) Mario Benotti in a recorded conversation brags about how easy it was to exploit officials from the Italian gov't.

Laughing, Benotti says they were a "slot machine" and jokes about how easy it was to get 50,000,000 euros in "a quarter of an hour."

(Link from previous 2 tweets). ⬇️

Now details emerge linking Mario Benotti and the 10 Leonardo SPA employees with corruption, bribery, and black funds.

ALL of these damning revelations come on the heels of an article posted by LaVerita of Rome, Italy on December 1st, 2020.

The article quickly led to the investigation of Benotti & 3 others on December 4th.

Then on Dec. 5th, two arrests were made at Leonardo SPA for hacking.


China bought influence into Leonardo SPA in order to hack our election.

Why else would a cyber security expert who specializes in complex computer data algorithms be planted at the scene of the crime?

The original press release detailing 10 gigs of stolen data served as cover for Arturo D'elia in case he was caught. Look at the original report that coincided with press releases at the time.

NOW we also know he was not acting alone.. as reported.

In light of everything I've described, the Italian government is now teetering on the brink of total collapse and it all centers around this investigation.

Everyone in the Italian government knows what's going on. Sadly, it seems no one in America does..


Please Share this thread.

The only thing I want is the truth to come out & JUSTICE. I’m good with whatever that truth is.

God save us.. 🙏


Did you know...

In 2009 Obama hired Bill Lynn? He was hired on to be Deputy Secretary of Defense.

He is now the CURRENT CEO of Leonardo DRS? (Leonardo SPA’s U.S. owned site).

At the time even the MSM called it an “ethical dilemma”.

Did you know...

That Leonardo SPA in July, 2020 agreed to partner with Crowdstrike?

That’s the same Crowdstrike who has ties with the phony Russian collusion hoax.

Crowdstrike also announced in July they’re helping to “Secure elections globally.” 🧐

Did you know...

That Nancy Pelosi has made upward of 400,000 dollars since investing in Crowdstrike back in September? Exactly two months before the election.

Did you know...

As early as November 9th, that Leonardo SPA announced they have plans to go public with Leonardo DRS? Why?

They could still hear the echoes of a Biden win coming from MSM when they announced..

Did you know...

That Dmitri Alperovitch and Bill Lynn have ties dating back to 2012 under an Obama presidency?

That’s the current CEO’s of Crowdstrike and Leonardo DRS sitting on a cyber security panel together. 🧐

Did you know...

Crowdstrike continues to push a false Russian collusion narrative in 2020?

This week’s declassifications reveal Crowdstrike as total frauds who have been lying for years.

Did you know...

Shawn Henry is current President of Crowdstrike services and former executive assistant director of the FBI?

Now where may we have seen that bald head before?

Now I must admit.. this is by no means solid proof.

Maybe it’s just merely coincidence.

Is this is coincidence too 🤷🏽‍♀️



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