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The Storm Is Upon Us - The Return

The War We're Fighting Is At The Spiritual Level Manifesting Into The Physical.

What Is Coming Was Promised To Us For A Very Long Time And It Cannot Be Stopped. Every Storm Has It's Silver Lining And The World We Shall Receive After The Wrath Restores Peace, Is Going To Be Beyond Your Wildest Dreams.


It's Time For Peace, Justice,

Love, Freedom and Healing.


Every Empire Must Crumble Before Being Rebuilt. All Shall Be Restored In The Name Of Our Creator. These Are The Times We've Chosen To Be Born Into To Help Humanity Grow And Ascend. It's History In The Making.

Stop Fighting Each Other With Petty Reasons, Lose The Fear From Deflection And Manipulation. What You Are Seeing And Are Made To Believe Is The Last Attempt To Eradicate You And Control You. They Want Humanity To Believe They Are Weak And Have No Control Without A Master.


That Is An Illusion.

We Are The Masters, We Are The Control,

We Are Sovereign Beings


Walk With Love, Walk With The Creator, Be In Your Heart, Be Fearless, Stand Strong And NOTHING Can Stop You.

Let The Golden Age Begin !

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