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Everything Is Frequency

Everything is frequency. Raise your vibrational frequency by being positive, loving yourself and others, healing past traumas, letting go of old programming and cutting the tethers.

If you keep having negative thoughts, if you keep your focus on the negative happenings, you will manifest it. Manifestation is happening at a very fast speed as we already are in 5D, therefore be mindful not only about what you say or do but also of your thoughts.

YES things are not so easy for many, I understand, but if you start changing your mindset, going into your heart and believe into something better, you will change your frequency and things will get better.

Envision Love, Peace and Abundance for yourself and for ALL as we are ONE. It is coming, I promise.

Love, Compassion, Forgiveness and Grace

Always (Graceful Light)🙏👼💖

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