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Guard Your Heart

Our Life's Journey is full of ups and downs and so it should be, as it is how we learn, grow and enrich our souls. But what about those curve balls the Universe throws at us? Yes, the Universe.

As an old soul and a natural born healer, my energy, my aura, is very strong and it attracts all kinds of people and mostly the most troubled, as their souls need it the most. More and more people are on their path of Awakening and it can be confusing and painful and it can lead you down the wrong path.

My advice to those of you who resonates with my words, is to be VERY CAREFUL who you choose to listen to. Please, make sure whoever you follow and allow to guide you, have your best interest at heart.

So many fell down the wrong rabbit hole because what they initially heard, made them feel good about themselves, therefore luring them in, into a false sense of security.

What I say to you, is to NEVER follow, but walk along side. Meaning, ALWAYS have an inquisitive, logical, skeptical mind so you don't follow blindly. Don't accept as gospel what you are told, instead, look in to it, search within yourself if its true and is valid information for YOURSELF. Walk along side that person who resonates with you if what you hear feels right but NEVER allow that person to take over completely your thoughts and feelings.

I speak from experience for myself and others. When a client, a friend or even a stranger in the street approaches me, I am always up front and tell them they don't have to believe what I say, however, the words spoken from me at that moment, are coming from my higher self, from my heart and it's probably what they need to hear at that moment in time regardless of the fact they resonate with it or agree with it. I also tell them NOT to take my word for it, but to look within themselves.

You see, healing, happens within yourself, when you are ready to let go, when you no longer resist to what happened but move forward with what is and will be.

Reiki healing is a temporary fix, to help you in that moment. I always explain that, you must do the work yourself if you don't want to become dependent on me. I always talk things through with people in order to help them to completely release and heal. For some is an immediate help, for others is a step by step process. I have had so many skeptics becoming believers for the powerful experience received. Others were fighting against themselves to let go for then coming back to me months later saying how the conversation we had that day completely changed them, but it took a little longer to realize. Something had happened to them that made them think back to my words, and all of the sudden, it clicked. This is what I mean by my words are needed to be heard in this moment, regardless of your acceptance.

Change can be REALLY hard for some and it means pushing outside a comfort zone they might not be willing or ready for. Everything happens when you need it to.

So please, be careful, there are so many out there with extraordinary claims, just keep it simple and take small steps as you grow your spirit and grow stronger. Because, the fakers will prey on your vulnerability, good heart and the need for answers, guidance for their own gain and it can be VERY dangerous for you as in the end, you'll find yourself feeling a lot worse than before. I cannot say it enought, BE CAREFUL, guard your heart and mind closely.

Please, make sure that whoever you listen to is good for your Mind, Body and Soul.

Have a Blessed Day

Graceful Light 🙏👼💖

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