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Let Go Of Ego

Ego is what is holding you back from moving forward.

I see it everyday, whether it is a stranger or a loved one, EGO pushes it's way through, it has a way of sneaking up on you without you realizing.

So what is Ego exactly?

Is our feeling of “me” or “self.” It’s your basic identity as an individual that gives you a feeling of separateness with everything and everyone else. It’s the basic feeling of “I am.”

We must learn to transcend the ego by realizing that we have a higher self beyond our limited view of our individual identity, we must stop viewing our identity as simply an individual consciousness, but rather as a consciousness that moves through all things.

Try to really understand, realize and believe that you are not your mind or body, but a Spiritual BEing having a human experience and EGO is a collection of false beliefs created by the Matrix conditioning around you. A cage for your Light/Spirit.

EGO is NOT who you are. So break FREE.

Choose Love and Compassion

Loose All Judgement

Don't Be Offended or Take Things Personally

Loose The I Am Going to Win This Argument Attitude

Be Aware of the Feelings of Others and Yourself

No One is Better Than Each Other

Be Forgiving

Be Grateful

Be Unbiased


With Love and Light Always

Lucia (Graceful Light) 🙏👼💖

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