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THE CHOICE - Who You Want To Be?

I hope everyone is well. I am OK, just adjusting to the new energies and dealing with life in general whilst meditating and helping out those around me. Unfortunately Matrix Life still has to go on. I am feeling pretty awesome, peaceful and really positive.

Hang in there everyone. Remember, what you are looking for IS within you. Everything is an extention of yourself. Change the way you feel inside, the way you see things and react to things from within as it will be manifested outwards. When you understand who you truly are and master your emotions, when you learn to not react negatively to the evil around you because of your inner knowing, your Spirit has expanded and raised in vibration and you no longer give them power.

Yes, we are all here on our own journeys, Yes we are part of a collective consciousness but we all grow at a different pace and EVERYTHING we experience, the good, the bad, the sweet, the sour, the light, the dark, everything makes us who we are, but only our actions and reactions define us. We have the choice to embrace the good or the evil.

The question is, WHO YOU WANT TO BE?

If you always want to be right or need to have the last word and your actions and reactions lead to harming others, you are coming from EGO and it will lead you down the path of Darkness. But, if you are able to sit back, listen, observe, remain calm and able to offer love, compassion, forgiveness no matter what, you're using heart and spirit to see the situation or person. You're shining your light and as such, you are choosing the path of Light.

Understand that no one can define you or tell you what to do or how to be. We can hold your hand and show you the way and give you some understanding, but no matter who you follow or listen to or resonate with, ULTIMATELY, the Power and Truth lives within YOU. You ARE the Master of Your Sail, You will have to make the final choice of who you want to be. You know you who truly are and to find YOU, or simply remember, look within yourself, connect with your Spirit, find YOUR Peace, Love Yourself, Forgive Yourself.

Stop Judging others as most of the time they are projecting their own pain, insecurities, emotions onto the outside world. Choose Compassion, Love and Understanding as your weapons and watch the Healing begin. I am not going to lie, sometimes is not immediate, sometimes it might take weeks, months, years. It depends on the receiving end, but when they allow it or they have an epiphany, is an amazing feeling. Is like their own individual FLASH.

At the same time, I am not saying is going to be easy for you either, but Practice Makes Perfect and the more you Heal Yourself, the easier it becomes and as you raise yourself up in vibration and understanding, the less negative things will effect you.

I hope it makes sense and it helps, it wasn't planned, it just came flowing out of me. Must be the new energies.

Love and Light Always


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