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The Harvesting Of The Souls

The Harvesting of the Souls Must Stop. It is too painful to watch. I have seen too many recently and a lot of judgement being dished out without discernment. Do NOT take things face value, you are ALL intelligent beings, question everything and ALWAYS come from a place of Love and Understanding. No one is Perfect.

Please I urge you all to look within yourselves and find love, compassion and understanding for all. Everyone goes through hard times, we are here in this Matrix having a human experience, therefore we all make mistakes, even the wisest of beings. But it's OK, we are here to learn, aren't we not? and as long we all understand where we go wrong and try to rectify it, you are forgiven by Father as he can see you have repented, learnt and doing your best to change it.

Also I truly wish for each and everyone of you to realize your true power. We truly can manifest a World of Love and Peace without the need of governments and world leaders to declare it.

Trust your own inner eternal wisdom now and know that YOU are the ones you have been waiting for YOU are the ones with the power to raise the vibration and consciousness levels on our planet simply by moving into the mode of peacemaking by following these simple steps:

Create Peace; Become Peace.

Become Peace; Create Peace.

Repeat to Infinity. It’s a peaceful cycle.

It's very simple but it can also be complicated depending if you allow your human ego to get in the way.

With Love and Light Always

Graceful Light 🙏👼💖

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