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We Are Divine Light

We Are More Than This Vessel, We Are Divine Light!

I am not defined by this Mortal Body and low vibration construct. I am not defined by the words and actions of others, by hate, ego and vengeance.

I am defined by my actions and how I move forward in Love and Light with Forgiveness and Compassion for all and I extend these tenfold to those who don't care for me, with a higher frequency and vibration as they need it most, so that it will penetrate the Darkness Within them and Enlight their souls, so that they realize they are Divine Love, they ARE Divine like everyone else. They simply HAVE to choose LOVE and LIGHT.

Love is all we need together with Compassion and Forgiveness. So My Dears, Radiate Your Divine Light to the Darkest Corners of the Universe. Let's Transmute All With Divine Love

Graceful Light 🙏👼💖

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