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Pay Attention And Always Use Heart


There are more important things happening in the world, than to worry about what you think of me. Stop, the fighting and embrace each other. Time is moving fast and soon many lives will change and all of your differences will be forced to be forgotten. Soon he will return and the Final Judgment will be Unsealed.

So I say, find the Love in your Heart now, be Compassionate and Forgive if you want to find the way. Pay attention and you'll see the signs as all is unfolding right in front of your eyes. Is not going to be easy, in fact is going to get worse. The next 10 years are going to be tumultuous, however, many good things are also going to come. The TRUTH will be revealed sooner than you think and within 2 years, everyone can no longer deny it. The House of Cards is Coming down as Babylon has been judged.

I am so sorry, the events that are happening and are to follow, cannot be stopped. These were spoken about by our ancestors and many prophets and the wise Natives told us too. Look to the sky and you will see. Our government's time is very limited, they can no longer delay the inevitable and hide what is already here and many have already seen it. This Great Secret is so much more than what you think and even the Vatican is involved in the cover up. Let's be honest, they are one of the richest states, yep, they are so powerful, that they are an entity in its own right.They even have their own bank, so much for the vow of poverty.

Think about it, why would they insist in appropriating the Native's sacred land by any means possible, so that they could install one of the largest and most powerful telescope named L.U.C.I.F.E.R. It cost around 100 Million Euros and it's infrared, which allows you to see far beyond the normal reach and reveal things out there that are normally hidden. Why the name? Simple, it stands for "Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research". EXTRAGALACTIC Research. Why would the church be so interested in space? Perhaps because they know something really important that would change the whole world and bring their corporation down.

Something that they have been hiding with our world leaders, something, that happened on 2nd July 1947 in the desert .... Roswell to be precise. And yes, it is what you are thinking, but also, much more. World Peace has been possible many times, and with it, a future we can only dream of. But they said no. They chose Ego, Power and Hate. Well you "Reap what You Sow" and there is nowhere to hide. The bunkers won't work. Arrests, Indictments, Paedophilia Scandals etc. is only the beginning, and it may seem they are getting away with it, but trust me, they are not, as they have all been marked and cannot escape their fate for the evil and suffering they have pushed upon us and spread around the world.

Everything that we were told, or know, is one great deception. Their programming to listen instead of learning, researching, questioning. The media, government, religion, schools, our whole infrastructure IS designed to keep you ignorant to what is really going on, and those who question or get too close to the the truth, are disposed of, great example President Kennedy. He was going to tell the world, he was going to meet up with the UN and disclose the truth, he was also going to scrap the FIAT money system for Assets Backed Currency. The web of lies is vast, the slaughter of the innocents is great. But is going to end sooner than we all think. It will be like a blink of an eye.

Pay attention, listen, research all, history, religion, astrophysics, geology. Map what is happening in the world, celestially and earthly and connect the dots to history, prophecy, science and yes, religion. The evidence speaks for itself.

Get rid of your petty baggages, Forgive those who wronged you, Forgive Yourself, find Peace and Love with All, be Compassionate with All, because it will come a time where nothing will matter but our Unity. I see it everyday and I've helped many along the way. This is why the Lightworkers are here, at this moment, to help to Awaken all to the truth and to heal those who struggle.

Our Real History, is far greater and complicated that you may think. But it is a very exciting one also. There is a war of the worlds, and it goes back to the beginning of Creation. You will see it in books, art, wall caves, hieroglyphs, digs ... you only need to pay attention, real attention and you'll see it.

Love and Light

Graceful Light 🙏👼💖

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